The BULL MOOSE MUDRUN is a BADLANDS OBSTACLE COURSE RUN inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s daily routine, that he designed because he thought Americans were quote, “getting too soft!”  The rules were simple: the president would pick two points, Point A and Point B, and no matter what was in the way he would challenge himself, and whoever he could get to join him, to go OVER, UNDER or THROUGH any obstacle that was in the way until they reached Point B… If that sounds like fun to you then this is YOUR race!


Date & Time
6.9.2018, 1:00pm MDT! Don’t be late! Mrs. Medora herself will be starting the race by shooting her pistol in the air, while riding her horse. If that’s not cool enough for you, Mrs. Medora’s good friend, Theodore Roosevelt himself, will be racing right along side you!

Medora, ND Badlands. The start/finish line will be at the Medora Family Fun Center, located just west of downtown Medora, on Pacific Avenue, at the entrance to the Medora Campground. Ask anyone in town where it is, or use GPS coordinates: (46.918115, -103.534459).

3.3 mile loop course. One for FUN category: one lap, team mentality, help each other out. Competitive category: one lap, timed, must complete all obstacles without assistance.  Endurance category: complete as many competitive laps as you can in 3 hours.

Family Fun 
Kid’s Fun Run following the award ceremony.  Kids of all ages will be allowed to compete and complete as many of the obstacles at the Family Fun Center as their little hearts desire.  Parental supervision is required for each child on the course, at all times.    




WATER & MUD: Racers will charge out of the gate and start with multiple RIVER & CREEK CROSSINGS!  Teddy was accustomed to crossing the Little Missouri River 13 times a day to complete his daily chores.  The river will most likely be ankle to waist deep, so be prepared to GET WET and MUDDY right away.

NATURAL OBSTACLES: Next you will experience the DEADWOOD DASH through the tall grass and cottonwood trees.  Expect lots of fallen logs and branches from the busy beavers around the river bottoms.  When Roosevelt was cutting down timber to build his cabin at the Elkhorn Ranch Site, his fellow workers described him as an “angry beaver.”

LIFTING & CARRYING: If you make it this far you have proven that you can definitely pull your own weight.  So now it’s time to make it a bit more challenging with the LOGGING LOOP.  Racers will be required to carry a log across an open meadow.  As a hunter Theodore would often carry his game and firewood long distances in preparation for his meals.

NAVIGATION: Hows your inner compass?  Look up and Northwest.  See the top of that BIG BUTTE.  Yeah… OH YEEEAH, you’re going to climb to the top of it!  But first you will have to “BUSHWHACK” through the JUNIPER FOREST.  You will be “bushwhacking” for about a quarter mile.  Charge it like a Bull Moose!  The faster you go, the quicker you’re “out of the woods.”

KILLER HILL CLIMB:  Get ready for your lung burning, heart pounding trek straight up the “SAN JUAN HILL” BUTTE CLIMB.  This will be a true badlands scramble. The big horn sheep make it look easy, but trust us, it’s not.  Do whatever it takes to summit this climb; run, walk, crawl, claw your way to the peak.  Once you’re at the top gasping for oxegen, take a good look around, the panoramic view will be worth the effort!  Smile for a quick picture, and then keep going!

DESCENDING: What goes UP must come DOWN.  Watch your step, you want to get down fast, but not too fast if you know what we mean!  At the bottom of your descent you will be at the historic Chateau de Mores’ horse stables.  But no time for sight-seeing!  Sprint up old the stone steps and through the front yard of the Chateau de Mores house.  You may see some folks from the 1800’s out in the yard cheering you on.  If there’s a lady in a dress, on horseback shooting her pistols in the air, don’t be scared that’s just Medora’s way of saying hello.

TUNNEL: If you feel like throwing in the towel at this point we’ll understand.  But for those who just don’t know when to quit, we’ve got you covered… figuratively and literally.  Follow the game trail down into the steep ravine and follow it down to the tunnel.  Run through it and continue down the ravine until you get back to the River.  Don’t worry we won’t make you cross the river again, you’re going to need your energy for the obstacle course!

OBSTACLE COURSE: We hope you were able to conserve a little energy… you’re going to need it!  Mud, sand, ropes, wood, rubber we’ve got it all.  With spectators cheering you on for the final stretch of the course!  You did it, you survived the first annual BULL MOOSE MUDDER!  Congratulations!


Saturday June 9th Schedule of Events:

9:00am-noon Packet Pick Up at Family Fun Center, Medora, ND (required by all participants)!  Same day registration also available during this time.

11:00am Family Fun Center Opens… FREE to immediate family members of race participants

12:30pm  Pre-Race meeting at the starting line

1:00pm Bull Moose Mud Run Race Starts, COMP racers first, waves of 30 people at a time

1:00pm – 5:00 pm Drinks at Finish Line

3:15pm  Cut-Off for ENDURANCE racers to head out for final lap, must finish before 4pm!

4:00pm Awards Ceremony

4:30pm Kid’s Race

7:30 pm Medora Musical Starts