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You have chosen a legendary undertaking of its own; being a Support and Gear vehicle for your racer.  As a SAG driver, you will get to experience the beautiful, rugged North Dakota Badlands from your car as you drive through the back roads.


The gravel of back roads can be traveled by any vehicle.  Please note that if your racer is in the MDH75 or the MDH100, you have to cross the Little Missouri River.  This is NOT advisable for small vehicles, please plan to route around the river crossing in that case.

Racer Communication

Please be aware that the routes you take may not always have cell phone reception.  Be prepared for that and make sure that your racer is able to contact you if they need to.

Finish Line

The finish line will offer plenty of fun and entertainment for everyone.  The family fun center will be open and FREE for riders and immediate family members.  It will be $10 for anyone else.  There will be food and refreshments.


There are about 15 checkpoints where the Maah Daah Hey Trail intersects the “major” back roads of the Western North Dakota Oil Patch. These are really your only “bailout” options on the whole trail, volunteers will be standing by at these points to assist you. There are fewer of these Checkpoints on the first, northern, half of the course. The Checkpoints can be found more frequently on the bottom half of the course, which is a big reason we race the trail from north to south.

Driving Routes

The SAG Route will also be marked with arrows on the back roads to reassure you are on the right track. View a map of the race course with all aid stations and checkpoints at: MDH100 Bike Race  or MDH Trail Run

Directions Book

We offer DETAILED turn-by-turn directions for SAG drivers who want to see their racer at all of the 15 checkpoints and 3 Aid Stations. These directions will cover to and from every checkpoint or aid station, starting lines, as well as Watford City, Medora, and the hospital in Dickinson.  A map is not necessary but very handy, the best map to use is the “Little Missouri National Grassland Maah Daah Hey Trail” Map.  For directions, Click Here.