2017 Results

MDH 150 x 1 Day

Andrew Sconce 18:59

Bill Pierce 21:51

Josh Bruhn – DNF

2 Person Team

Nick Ybarra, Kyle Brierly, Bill 17:53

Svetlana Vold, Daniel Vold 20:32

3 Person Team

Peder Arneson, Joe Borden, and Joe Smith 18:59


MDH 150 x 2 Days

Marc Landblom

Max Lohmeyer – DNF


MDH 150 x 3 Days

Jeffrey Thompson

Anne Magill

Scott Brand

Allen Richard – DNF


MDH 150 x […]

Bull Moose MudRun Results

2017 Results:

Competitive Endurance

1st Place Mens Josh Smaage
4 laps 2:47:56

2nd Place Mens Dan Hegelen
3 laps 2:12:15

3rd Place Mens Clay Ross
3 laps 2:14:40

Ryan Benjamin
3 laps 2:34:54

Alejandro Ramirez
3 laps 2:54:45

Tim Kreidt
2 laps 2:12:19

1st Place Womens Jessie Binstock
2 laps 2:12:00

2nd Place Womens Amy Kreidt
2 laps 2:12:02


Competitive 1 Lap MENS

1st Place Mens- Lukas Dahmus

2nd Place Mens- Cody Roland

3rd […]

Maah Daah Hey Trail Work

As a group of trail workers crammed in a truck, one asked “What’s one word you would use to describe today?”

My word: dedication.  It takes dedication to volunteer your time to do manual labor.  It takes dedication to spend your weekend in the middle of nowhere and work all day.  It takes dedication to […]


Occasionally we get asked the question, save the Maah Daah Hey from what? EXTINCTION is our honest answer! Just ask anyone who visited the trail between 2010 and 2015, especially after the spring and early summer rains. The trail was underused, overgrown, washed out, un-enjoyable, and in some places un-usable or even un-findable due […]

Google Map of the MDH100 Race Course & Support Vehicle Routes

See the MDH100 course and the Support Vehicle routes for all four races in ridiculous detail.

Maah Daah Hey Race Promo Video

Try to watch this just one time! Threefold presents the Maah Daah Hey Race Series promo video.

Past Race Results

2015 Results click here.

2014 Maah Daah Hey Race Series

1 Kelly Magelky 8:56:22 Denver CO (Course Record)
2 John Paul Peters 10:46:16 Winnipeg MB
3 Jason Wiebe 11:10:24 Morden MB
4 Joe Kjeer 11:12:02 Shakopee MN
5 Matthew Christiansen 11:30:34 […]

This is a shared trail!

The Maah Daah Hey is a shared trail in many ways, it is used by mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. It is also shared by cattle, big game, predators, snakes and other wildlife. This information is not intended to alarm you, but rather to inform you on some important things to consider […]

Maah Daah Hey in a Day

Watch the full length “Maah Daah Hey in a Day” film that chronicles Nick Ybarra’s epic ride through the Badlands to raise money for the overseas ministry Speed the Light. Nick navigated the entire bike-friendly 105 miles (circumnavigating the National Park portions) in just under 20 hours and raised over $4,000 for the […]

Singletrack Cravings…

It’s only March and already I am beginning to long for the twists and turns of singletrack once again. You may be thinking this is typical day-dream behavior for March, but not for me. I’m not the typical kind of guy. I’m the kind of guy who is rarely ever unsatisfied, […]