How do you make the RADDEST race, in the BADDEST place just a little bit RADDER and whole lot BADDER? Add on 50 more miles of rugged Badlands single track, and then give people the option to complete it all in one day, two days, three days, or six days of riding… intrigued?


“THE BUCK STOPS HERE… AT THE MDH BUCK-FIFTY!” We are very proud to introduce Legendary Adventures New Discoveries’ most epic race yet, the second annual MDH150. No excuses, no cop-outs, no whining, no doubt about it; YOU are 100% responsible for YOU at this race. From training and preparation, to crossing the finish line of one of the largest and most brutal continuous single-track races in the world, YOU are your own biggest ally… and your own worst enemy. This is one of the LARGEST endurance racing accomplishments an athlete can aspire to complete. Your ONLY competition is yourself; all the other brave souls on this racecourse are your fellow adventurers on the same quest as you… TO PROVE YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CONQUER THE MAAH DAAH HEY BUCK-FIFTY, TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE A BADLANDS LEGEND! We give you multiple options for tackling this beast of a race: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or 6 days. Pick the option that’s best for you. “DON’T PASS THE BUCK… THE MDH BUCK-FIFTY THAT IS!”

Total Distance
151-162 miles

Race Start
September 22-27, 2018

Elevation Gain
17,539 feet

Course Record
Kelly Magelky | 17:31


6 DAY STAGE RACE Bike/Run Course

Day 1: Burning Coal Vein Campground to Coal Creek Campground  –  29.6 miles

Saturday September 22nd    –  10am start  –  8pm cut off  –  10 hours

Day 2: Coal Creek Campground to Buffalo Gap Campground  –  31 miles

Sunday September 23rd  –  10am start  –  8pm cut off   –  10 hours

Day 3: Buffalo Gap Campground to Elkhorn Campground  –  37.1 miles

Monday September 24th   –  10am start  –  8pm cut off   –  10 hours

Day 4: Elkhorn Campground to Magpie Campground  –  20.4 miles

Tuesday September 25th  –  10am start  –  8pm cut off  –  10 hours

Day 5: Magpie Campground to Bennett Campground  –  24.8 miles

Wednesday September 26th –  10am start  –  8pm cut off  –  10 hours

Day 6: Bennett Campground to CCC Campground  –  19.1 miles

Thursday September 27th  –  10am start  –  8pm cut off  –  10 hours

Total: approximately 162 miles

3 DAY STAGE RACE  Bike/Run Course

Day 1: Burning Coal Vein Campground to Buffalo Gap Campground  –  59.4 miles

Saturday September 22nd  –  9am start  –  9pm cut off  –  12 hours

Day 2: Buffalo Gap Campground to Magpie Campground  –  57 miles

Sunday September 23rd  –  9am start  –  9pm cut off  –  12 hours

Day 3: Magpie Campground to CCC Campground  –  43.3 miles

Monday September 24th  –  9am start  –  9pm cut off  –  12 hours

Total: approximately 159.7 miles


2 DAY STAGE RACE  Bike/Run Course

Day 1: Burning Coal Campground to Wannagan Campground  –  72.3 miles

Saturday September 22nd  –  8am start  –  10pm cut off  –  14 hours

Day 2: Wannagan Campground to CCC Campground  –  79.6 miles

Sunday September 23rd –  8am start  –  10pm cut off  –  14 hours

Total: approximately 151.9 miles



Burning Coal Vein to CCC  –  151.7 miles

Saturday September 22nd –  7:01PM start  –  ONE DAY cut off  –  24 hours

Total: approximately 151.7 miles




150 MILES in 1 SHOT, Non-Stop Ultra-RUN Course

Burning Coal Vein to CCC  –  151.7 miles

Saturday September 22nd    –  NOON start  –  THREE DAY cut off  –  72 hours

Total: approximately 151.7 miles


Start & Finish:

This LEGENDARY race begins at the southernmost point of the world-famous MAAH DAAH HEY TRAIL, the Burning Coal Vein Campground Trailhead. Racers will travel north on the raw & rugged BADLANDS single-track phenomenon, with the goal of reaching the northernmost trailhead at CCC Campground, over 150 miles away.

Supported and Unsupported:

Unsupported racers must carry ALL of their own gear with them and may NOT receive any water, gear, food or aid from anyone.  Supported racers may have a Support and Gear (SAG) vehicle that meets them at multiple checkpoints along the racecourse. Checkpoints range anywhere from 5 to 15 trail-miles apart from each other. All checkpoints are accessible to most types of vehicles, however a high clearance vehicle with at least one full-size spare tire is strongly recommended.


This is a “self sufficient,” POINT-TO-POINT, single-track, “in the middle of nowhere,” extremely hardcore race. Racers may encounter difficult terrain, wild animals, livestock, water crossings and other dangerous situations. Every participant will be 100% responsible for himself or herself. Racers must be well experienced in extreme endurance events and very capable of taking care of themselves in the remote wilderness. Racers must be honest with themselves whether or not they are ready, willing and able to attempt a challenge as extreme as the MDH150.

Race Requirements and Rules:

  1. Bike racers may use non-motorized bike(s) only. Supported racers may use as many different bikes as they desire; and may swap out bikes, parts, tires, etc… at any point on the racecourse. Supported racers are not required to finish on the same bike that they started on. However to qualify for the single speed category you must use the same gear ratio for the entirety of the race.  Unsupported racers must start and finish on the same bike, no swapping or receiving mechanical help.
  2. All racers must stay on the designated racecourse. In order to be considered an official finisher and eligible for places and awards; a race day(s) GPX file of the racer’s ride(s) must be provided as verification of their completion of the entire racecourse.
  3. Supported racers who have a SAG vehicle are required to have a reliable means to contact their SAG driver(s). Cell phones are acceptable, but service is not always available in the low spots of the badlands, however a signal is usually available on the top of most of the buttes and hills. Racer’s SAG drivers are their only search and rescue team. If a racer fails to make it to a checkpoint, it is the responsibility of their own SAG driver(s) to locate the racer and get them to safety.
  4. Unsupported racers who do not have a SAG vehicle are required to carry a satellite phone or a device, such as a SPOT GPS, that can reliably contact emergency services from anywhere on the racecourse, without needing cell phone service. Carrying a cell phone in addition to a satellite operated device is also required.
  5. Participants must carry sufficient amounts of water, food, and gear at all times. The water in the streams, ponds, and puddles in the badlands may not be suitable and/or available for drinking. Plan on packing in all your own drinking water. MOST of the campgrounds along the racecourse have well water that can be pumped out of the ground by hand, but we highly recommend that racers and SAG drivers bring plenty of their own bottled water.
  6. Pack it in pack it out. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified.
  7. Every racer needs a primary light source and backup light that are sufficient enough to safely travel in the dark.


Award ceremonies and after parties will be at CCC Campground, the FINISH LINE! Times to TBD!


Racers may camp at the primitive campgrounds located at the start/finish of each of the races. Racers may also commute to stay at the hotels in any of the “nearby” cities, such as; Medora and Watford City, ND.  One of the race’s sponsors, the Roosevelt Inn, is located in Watford City.



This race [The Maah Daah Hey Buck-Fifty] is taking place on the Little Missouri National Grassland under a pending Special Use Permit from the USDA Forest Service.The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and, where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call toll free (866) 632-9992 (voice). TDD users can contact USDA through local relay or the Federal relay at (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 377-8642 (relay voice). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.